Board of Directors

SANFIC is a CorpArtes Foundation project, produced by Storyboard Media.


CorpArtes is a private not-for-profit foundation, created with the purpose of promoting development through art, giving the community new possibilities of access to cultural expression in its widest diversity. Its four main lines of action are: diffuse and promote diverse cultural manifestations, develop and execute relevant projects, investigate and conserve artistic patrimony and educate people in the areas of art and its value.


This producer company, founded in 2004 by Carlos Núñez and Gabriela Sandoval, focusing its action in three areas: cultural management, film production and film distribution. They have produced different films by national and international directors. In 2015, they started their distribution line of Chilean film or in coproduction to develop it in national territory in alternative cinema circuits, commercial film houses and their VOD platform.

María Catalina Saieh

President of the SANFIC Board of Directors

Francisca Florenzano

Executive Director

Carlos Núñez

Artistic Director

Gabriela Sandoval

SANFIC Industry Director

Carlos Márquez

Administrative and Financial Director