Our Guests

For more than a decade, SANFIC has had special guests who have been important figures in the international cinema scene, including filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, production designers, art directors, cinematographers and score composers; as well as producers, festival programmers, funds representatives, buyers and international sales agents who have gathered in recent years at the already-renowned section SANFIC INDUSTRIA. Here, we will go through some of the most representative guests that have been at our festival, and who not only left their imprint on our festival, but also in the minds of the members of audiences that attended the diverse activities in which they were present –master classes, audience Q&As, retrospectives, Lado CA – SANFIC, among others–, instances in which we all got to know these guests a little bit better.

Maribel Verdú

(ESP) España | SANFIC 14°

(ENG) With 11 nominations to the Goya Awards -being the most nominated actress in the history of these awards-, spanish actress Maribel Verdú has a career spanning more than three decades and a filmography of more than 60 feature films. She has worked with leading directors from around the world, including Francis Ford Coppola, Fernando Trueba, Carlos Saura, Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo del Toro. As part of her visit to SANFIC 14, she held a conversation with the public and the festival exhibited a retrospective with some of the most recognized titles of her filmography, among them, the Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film Belle Époque (1992), by Fernando Trueba; Y tu mamá también (2001), by Alfonso Cuarón; and El laberinto del fauno (2006), by Guillermo del Toro.

Rainer Klausmann

Director and screenwriter. Known for having collaborated with filmmakers like Scorsese, Pollack, Weir and De Palma, among others. Also, his filmography is known for such iconic titles as Hardcore, American Gigolo, Cat People, Mishima and Affliction, to name just a few. In SANFIC 12 he was honored for his career at the festival’s opening gala, which held the Latin American premiere of his most recent work: Dog Eat Dog, which also opened the festival. He was present in LADO CA – SANFIC, an instance to meet with audiences and talk about his projects as a screenwriter and director. He also presented his celebrated collaboration with Scorsese, Taxi Driver, and some movies from his filmography, which we reviewed with a retrospective especially prepared for that edition.

(ESP) Director de fotografía con más de tres décadas de trayectoria, ha destacado con elogiadas y premiadas colaboraciones junto a realizadores como Oliver Hirschbiegel, Doris Dörrie, Werner Herzog, Fatih Akin, entre otros, varias de las cuales han sido estrenadas y exhibidas en los festivales más importantes del mundo. En SANFIC 13 fue jurado de la Competencia Internacional. Además, exhibimos una retrospectiva de sus trabajos más destacados, incluyendo su colaboración más reciente con Fatih Akin: “In the Fade”, ocasión en la que también tuvo un encuentro con el público.

Matt Dillon

(ESP) Estados Unidos | SANFIC 13°

Actor candidate for the Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, Actors Guild Award and Donostia Award for trajectory at the San Sebastian Festival. He has worked with renowned directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Arthur Penn, Cameron Crowe, Anthony Minghella and Gus Van Sant, among others. Between his realizations and most outstanding participations we can name "Rumble Fish" (1983), "Drugstore Cowboy" (1995), "To die for" (1995), "There's something about Mary" (1998). ), "Wild Things" (1998), "City of Ghosts" (2003), a film he wrote, directed and starred, "Crash" (2006), "Going in style" (2017), among others. In SANFIC 13 we showed his outstanding films and had a meeting with the public.

Paul Schrader

(ESP) Estados Unidos | SANFIC 12°

Director and screenwriter. Known for having collaborated with filmmakers such as Scorsese, Pollack, Weir and De Palma, among others. In addition, he stands out for his own filmography, with such recognized titles as "Hardcore", "American Gigolo" and "Affliction", just to name a few. In SANFIC 12 he was honored for his career at the festival's gala, which featured the premiere of his latest work in Latin America: "Dog Eat Dog", opening film of the contest. In addition, he was in LADO CA-SANFIC, a meeting with the public, to talk about his outstanding works as a scriptwriter and director; he also presented his emblematic collaboration with Scorsese, "Taxi Driver", and some titles of his filmography that we reviewed with a retrospective, programmed in that edition.

Danny Glover

(ESP) Estados Unidos | SANFIC 12°

Actor, director and producer. Known for his starring role in the popular Lethal Weapon saga, he has a solid filmography having been directed by filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Wes Anderson, Lars von Trier and Michel Gondry, among others. In SANFIC 12 he was our special guest. In it, received an award for his prominent career. He was also in LADO CA – SANFIC, an encounter with audiences, and he presented the Latin American premiere of one of his most recent films, Mr. Pig, by director Diego Luna.

Michael Madsen

(ESP) Estados Unidos | SANFIC 11°

Actor, photographer and poet. Known for his "tough guy" roles and collaborations with Quentin Tarantino, Madsen is notable for his role as "Mr. Rubio "in" Perros de la calle" (1992). Among his more than 200 accredited films, "Thelma and Louise" (1991), the two installments of "Kill Bill" (2003 and 2004) and "The Eight Most Hated" (2015) stand out. In addition to his film career, Madsen has lent his voice to different video games and has a career of more than 20 years writing poetry. In SANFIC 11 he was our special guest and had an encounter with the public, opportunity in which he toured several of his emblematic titles and also presented a special play for "Perros de la calle".

Ventura Pons

(ESP) España | SANFIC 10°

Filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. After a decade as a theater director, he made his debut as a filmmaker in 1977, with the documentary "Ocaña, retrato intermitente", part of the official selection for the Cannes Film Festival. After 25 feature films, almost all of them produced by his company Els Films de la Rambla, founded in 1985, he is now considered one of the best-known and most important Catalan filmmakers, thanks to titles such as "Caricias", "Amigo / Amado" and "Morir (o no)". His films are usually programmed at the main film festivals -particularly the Berlinale-, and he has received prizes inside and outside of Spain, as well as tributes for his career and retrospectives in many competitions. In 2011 he published a memoir, "Els mes (i els altres)". In SANFIC 10 he was a juror for the International Competition.

Daniel Hendler

(ESP) Uruguay | SANFIC 10°

Actor and filmmaker. In 2000 he started acting and starring in emblematic films for the audiovisual industry in Uruguay and Argentina, such as "25 watts" by Rebella and Stoll, "El fondo del mar" by Szifrón and "Los paranoicos" by Medina, for which he received awards at festivals such as Biarritz, Lima and BAFICI, and even won the Silver Bear as best actor at the Berlin Festival 2004, for "El abrazo partido", by Burman. As a director, in 2010 he premiered his first feature film, "Norberto apenas tarde", which participated in festivals such as Locarno and San Sebastián, and obtained special mentions in BAFICI and SANFIC. In the 10th version of our festival he visited as a jury for the International Competition.

Eugenio Caballero

(ESP) México | SANFIC 9°

Production designer and art director. After starting as a set decorator on tapes like "Romeo and Juliet", by Baz Luhrmann, he stood out as a production designer for Latin American films such as "Santitos" and "Crónicas". He achieved international recognition thanks to "El laberinto del fauno", by Guillermo del Toro, for which he won an Oscar for Best Art Direction. Later he worked in productions such as "Rudo y cursi" and with filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch in "Los límites del control", Flora Sigismondi in "The Runaways" and Juan Antonio Bayona in "The Impossible", for which he obtained his second nomination to a Goya award, recognition that finally won in 2017 for the Best Artistic Direction in "Un monstruo viene a verme", Bayonne. In SANFIC 9 he was a jury in our International Competition, and also participated in a meeting with the public.

Laurent Cantet

(ESP) Francia | SANFIC 9°

Filmmaker. Considered one of the most interesting french filmmakers born in the 90s, he usually premieres his films at the main festivals of the world, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Rotterdam, Toronto, New York and San Sebastian. He was highly praised and awarded for "Recursos Humanos" (1999), BAFICI winner, and chosen as Discovery of the year at the European Film Awards. His international recognition has increased since he won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 with "Entre los muros". In SANFIC 9 he visited us to present a retrospective, wich included five of his films, and to meet with the public.

Jorge Arriagada

(ESP) Chile | SANFIC 9°

Composer. Outstanding musician based in France since the 60s, he has composed more than 140 film soundtracks, mainly in european productions, working with renowned filmmakers such as Barbet Schroeder and Olivier Assayas, and obtaining special international recognition for his collaboration in more than three decades and more than 40 titles for Raúl Ruiz. In addition, he has worked with other prominent Chilean filmmakers, such as Miguel Littin, Ricardo Larraín, Patricio Guzmán and Valeria Sarmiento. In SANFIC 8 we paid tribute to him with a concert of his works at the Centro Cultural Estación Mapoch. He was a judge in our Chilean Film Competition, he had a meeting with the public and we also offered a retrospective, wich featured his work for the cinema in the last decade .

Catalina Sandino

(ESP) Colombia | SANFIC 9°

Actress. She is known internationally for her film debut, "María llena eres de gracia", a movie that gave her the Silver Bear Award for best actress, an Independent Spirit Award and made her the first Colombian actress to be nominated to an Oscar. Since then, she has participated in international productions directed by filmmakers such as Walter Salles, Richard Linklater, Mike Newell, Ethan Hawke and Steven Soderbergh, among others. In SANFIC 9 she visited us to present the film "Roa" by Andrés Baiz at the festival's opening.

Christian Vadim

(ESP) Francia | SANFIC 8°

Actor. He made his film debut in 1983, and throughout these decades he has worked in numerous french productions, working under direction of Eric Rohmer, Raúl Ruiz and Valeria Sarmiento. In SANFIC 8 he visited us for the premiere of his work in Chile, the last film that Ruiz made, "La noche de enfrente", where he was one of the leading rols. He also had a meeting with the public.

Francesca Neri

(ESP) Italia | SANFIC 8°

Actress. Since her debut on the big screen in 1987 and throughout her career, she has become one of the most recognizable faces of italian cinema, working with directors such as Massimo Troisi, Luigi and Cristina Comencini, Gabriele Salvatores and Giuseppe Bertolucci . She has also participated in international productions such as "Hannibal" by Ridley Scott, and "Collateral damage", along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in Spanish films such as "Las edad de Lulú" by Bigas Luna, "Shoot!" From Carlos Saura and "Carne tremula" by Pedro Almodóvar. In SANFIC 8 she was part of the jury for our International Competition, and we had a meeting with the audience, in addition to presenting the film "Una sconfinata giovinezza", by Pupi Avati.X

Alexander Witt

(ESP) Chile | SANFIC 8°

Filmmaker, camera operator, second unit director and photopraphy second unit director. Based in the United States, he has developed an important international career working with filmmakers such as Spielberg, McTiernan, Donner, Attenborough and Altman, especially developing a strong collaboration for over more than 20 years with Ridley Scott, in titles such as "Thelma and Louise", "Gladiator", "Hannibal", "Black Hawk Down", "American Gangster" and "Robin Hood". He has also worked on successful titles like "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Casino Royale", "X-Men: First Generation", "Skyfall" and "Specter", and as director in 2004 for "Resident Evil 4: Apocalypse". In SANFIC 8 he joined the jury of our International Competition and had a meeting with the public.

Angie Cepeda

(ESP) Colombia | SANFIC 7°

Actress. She has developed an important career in television and film throughout the last two decades, standing out especially since her debut on the big screen in 1996, not only in Colombian productions but also in international titles such as "Pantaleón y las visitadoras" by Francisco Lombardi , "Oculto" by Antonio Hernández, "Amor en los tiempos del cólera" by Mike Newell, and "Wild Horses" by Robert Duvall, among others. On television she has recently starred in "Jane the Virgin" by The CW, and "2091" by Fox Latin America, among other series. In SANFIC 7 she visited us to present the film "Una hora más en Canarias", by David Serrano.

Dafoe y Colagrande

(ESP) Estados Unidos - Italia | SANFIC 7°

Actor and actress and filmmaker, respectively. Considered one of the most emblematic actors of american cinema in recent decades, he has been directed in films by renowned directors such as Friedkin, Stone, Scorsese, Parker, Waters, Lynch, Schrader, Wenders, Schnabel, Minghella, Ferrara, Cronenberg, Raimi , Anderson, Von Trier, Herzog and Spike Lee, among others; he has also been nominated twice for the Oscar as best supporting actor, for "Peloton" and "The shadow of the vampire", obtaining for this last one an Independent Spirit Award and a Golden Globe nomination, among other recognitions. She has presented her films as a director at different film festivals, including the one in Venice. Together they visited us at SANFIC 7 to present their film "A Woman", and also had a meeting with the public.

Santiago Segura

(ESP) España | SANFIC 7°

Actor, producer and filmmaker. Throughout more than two decades he has stood out as an actor in films by prestigious spanish filmmakers such as Álex de la Iglesia, Luis García Berlanga and Fernando Trueba, as well as in several international productions by mexican director Guillermo del Toro. He has won three Goya awards, including best new actor for "El día de la bestia", best new director for "Torrente, the foolish arm of the law". As director, over the past 20 years he has made the successful saga of police Torrente, which has broken historical records at the box office in Spain. In SANFIC 7 he presented the fourth part, "Torrent 4: Lethal Crisis", and also had a meeting with the public.

Ricardo Darín

(ESP) Argentina | SANFIC 7°

Actor. He has starred in some of the most emblematic titles of his country's cinema of the last 20 years, including “Nueve reinas”, “El hijo de la novia”, “Luna de Avellaneda”, “El aura”, “XXY”, “Un cuento chino”, “Elefante blanco”, “Relatos salvajes” and “Truman”, among others. He is considered the most recognized argentinean actor internationally, especially after starring in "El secreto de tus ojos", Oscar winning film for Best Foreign Movie in 2010. In SANFIC 7 he was one of our special guests, and had a meeting with the audience, going through some of the highlights of his filmography.

Dominique Sanda

(ESP) Francia | SANFIC 7°

Actress. Recognized for her work with legendary filmmakers such as Bresson, Bertolucci, De Sica, Huston, Visconti and Demy, among others. She has performed with some of the most famous actors in Europe and the United States, in films that are now considered classics: with Jean -Louis Trintignant in "El conformista", Paul Newman in "El hombre de Mackintosh", Robert De Niro and Gérard Depardieu in "Novecento". She starred in "El jardín de los Finzi Contini", Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film, and in 1976 she was chosen best actress at the Cannes Film Festival, for "La herencia Ferramonti". In addition to film, she remains active in theater on stages in France, Italy and Argentina. In SANFIC 7 she was part of the jury for our International Competition.

Amos Gitai

(ESP) Israel | SANFIC 7°

Filmmaker. Praised for his documentary works at the beggining of his career, he has stood out in the last three decades for fiction productions that have participated in official competitions of the main festivals of the world, including Cannes, Venice and Berlin. In SANFIC 7 he visited us to present a retrospective with seven of his films: "Esther”, “Kippur”, “Alila”, “Zona libre”, “News from Home / News from House”, “Disengagement” and “Roses a crédit”, He also had a meeting with the public.

Abel Ferrara

(ESP) Estados Unidos | SANFIC 6°

Filmmaker. An american independent film reference thanks to titles like "The King of New York", "A damn policeman", "The funeral" and "Go Go Tales". He is a regular guest in the main film festivals of the world, such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Montreal. He has won important awards and has been nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards as best director. In SANFIC 6 he was part of the jury for our International Competition, also presenting his film "Napoli Napoli Napoli", and having a meeting with the public. In SANFIC 10 we showcased one of his most recent productions, "Welcome to New York".

Diego Luna

(ESP) México | SANFIC 6°

Actor, producer and director. After highlighting his beginnings in Mexican cinema, he participated in major international productions, being directed by filmmakers such as Schnabel, Cuarón, Taymor, Trueba, Spielberg, Costner, Korine, Van Sant and Blomkamp, ​​among others. As a director he has premiered his films at festivals such as Sundance, Cannes, Berlin and San Sebastian. In SANFIC 4 we showed his debut feature, "J.C. Chávez "; and in SANFIC 6 he visited us to inaugurate the festival presenting his second film, "Abel", in addition to the collective film "Revolution", in which he was a producer and one of the filmmakers. Recently, at SANFIC 12 we premiered his most recent feature film "Mr. Pig ", starring Danny Glover, our special guest in that edition.

Isabel Coixet

(ESP) España | SANFIC 6°

Filmmaker and screenwriter. Her films usually participate in the official competitions of festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto. She has been nominated for multiple trophies and awards, including best direction at the European Film Awards, and has individually won four Goyas, as best director, best screenwriter and best documentary. In SANFIC 6 she was part of the jury of our International Competition, had a meeting with the audience and presented a retrospective, with five of her films: “Cosas que nunca te dije”, “Mi vida sin mí”, “La vida secreta de las palabras”, “La elegida” y “Mapa de los sonidos de Tokio”.

Trapero y Gusmán

(ESP) Argentina | SANFIC 6°

Filmmaker. Since his first feature film, "Mundo grúa" -for many experts, one of the fundamental titles of contemporary Latin American cinema-, was recognized in competitions such as Venice and Rotterdam. Trapero is considered one of the reference names of argentine cinema of the past 20 years, regularly participating in the official sections of festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Bafici and Gijón, and counting on Gusman as an actress in all her titles since 2006. In our festival we have exhibited her films "Nacido y criado", "Leonera" and "Carancho", in our third, fourth and sixth edition, respectively; On that last occasion, Trapero and Gusmán came especially to SANFIC to present the film.

Claire Denis

(ESP) Francia | SANFIC 6°

Filmmaker and screenwriter. Being one of the leading names in european cinema of the last 25 years, her films usually participate in the official selections of the main film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin and Venice. She has won prizes in competitions such as Locarno and Rotterdam, and among the multiple nominations for her filmography we can mention the ones for the Independent Spirit Awards and the César prize. In SANFIC 6 she visited us to present a retrospective, with seven of her films: "Nénette and Boni", "Beau travail", "Vendredi soir", "Vers Mathilde", "The intruder", "35 rhums" and "White Material"

Jem Cohen

(ESP) Estados Unidos | SANFIC 5°

Filmmaker. Thanks to his work, that includes video clips, documentaries, video art and experimental productions, he is recognized as one of the most important directors in american independent cinema, and has worked with artists as diverse as Patti Smith, REM and Elliott Smith. Awarded at festivals such as Locarno, and winner of an Independent Spirit Award, his cinema has been present at events such as BAFICI and New York. He visited us at SANFIC 5 to present a retrospective that included feature films such as "Chain" and "Benjamin Smoke", along with his montage of images, music and sound "Mexico City by chance", as well as a meeting with the public.

Andreas Dresen

(ESP) Alemania | SANFIC 5°

Filmmaker. One of the most recognized german directors of the last two decades, distinguished in festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Karlovy Vary. In SANFIC 5 we had him as a jury for our International Competition. We also presented to the public a retrospective with six of his most recognized works: "A medio escalera", "Encuentros nocturna", "La policía", "Verano en Berlín", " Cloud 9 "and "Whiskey with vodka ". In addition, in SANFIC 8 we presented "Parada en plena vía", awarded in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival; At SANFIC 10 we showed "As We Were Dreaming", premiered worldwide at the Official Competition of the Berlin Festival.

Ariel Dorfman

(ESP) Argentina | SANFIC 4°

Novelist, playwright, essayist and academic. His texts have been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and represented in more than 100 countries, played by some of the most prestigious actors, including Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, Gene Hackman, Kevin Kline, Alec Baldwin, John Malkovich and Viggo Mortensen, among others. His most famous work, "La muerte y la doncella" was a hit in London and Broadway, and was adapted into film by Roman Polanski, starring Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley. He frequently collaborates with media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian and Le Monde, among others. In SANFIC 4 he visited us to present the documentary centered on his figure "El exilio de Ariel Dorfman", together with the director of the film, Peter Raymont.

José Luis Guerín

(ESP) España | SANFIC 4°

Filmmaker. Since his debut more than 30 years ago with "Los motivos de Berta", he has been considered one of the most influential filmmakers in hispanic cinema, thanks to works such as "Innisfree" and "Tren de sombras", participating in the official selections of festivals such as Venice , Rotterdam and Toronto. With his film "En construcción" he ends up devoting himself internationally, especially when he was awarded at the San Sebastian Festival and won the Goya for the best documentary. In SANFIC 4 he visited us to present his films "En la ciudad de Sylvia" and "Unas fotos en la ciudad Sylvia", besides holding a meeting with students and the public; and in our seventh edition we presented his documentary "Guest", which includes segments recorded during his visit to Santiago.

Michael Chapman

(ESP) Estados Unidos | SANFIC 4°

Director and Photography director. After being a camera operator in classics of the 70s like "Klute", "El Padrino" and "Tiburón", he made his debut as photography director in 1973 with "El último deber", and for more than three decades he stood out thanks to works as remembered as "Taxi Driver", "The Last Waltz" and "Wild Bull", directed by filmmakers such as Ashby, Scorsese, Kaufman, Ritt, Schrader and Reiner, among others. He was nominated for two Oscars, for the films "Toro salvaje" and "El fugitivo". In SANFIC 4 we had him as a jury of our International Competition and also in two meetings with the public, he tackled different aspects of his prestigious career.

Lisandro Alonso

(ESP) Argentina | SANFIC 4°

Filmmaker. Considered one of the most important filmmakers in latin American cinema of the last 20 years, since his debut feature, "La libertad". He has been praised and awarded at festivals such as Cannes, Rotterdam, Gijón and Viennale. In 2014 he won the Fipresci prize at Cannes for his most recent feature film, "Jauja". In SANFIC we had it for the first time presenting his second film, "Los muertos", which won the competition of our first edition; later in SANFIC 2 we showed his next title, "Fantasma", and in SANFIC 4 we had him as jury of our International Competition and presenting his film "Liverpool"

Wolfgang Becker

(ESP) Alemania | SANFIC 3°

Filmmaker. He is one of the most applauded German directors of his generation. He has been awarded at festivals such as Berlin and Locarno, and in 2003 with his successful film "Good Bye Lenin!" Achieved great international prestige, winning prizes such as Goya and César. In SANFIC 3 we had him as jury for our International Competition, and also presented to the public his two most famous works, "Good Bye Lenin!" And "Life in works".