The End of the Day
Chile, 2015. 60’, DCP.

Peter McPhee , Santiago, Chile, 1987
Prior works: This is his first full-length film.

After making several short films, among those is El ropero del pueblo y Refugio del silencio, shown in the National Talent Competition of SANFIC 7 and 8, respectively, the filmmaker, Peter McPhee, is making his debut with his first feature film, which was awarded in the First Cut FIDOCS. This documentary is set in an oasis in the middle of the Atacama desert, on December 21, 2012, when the people of the town of Quillagua were awaiting the supposed “end of the world” that the Mayas had predicted for that day. In this locality, with no water and with its river totally contaminated due to the mining companies in the area, the land cannot be worked and the youth migrate to other areas leaving only the elderly living there. Therefore, for this community with an ancestral and cultural relationship with the earth, this scenario is presented as the true end of the world.

DIRECTOR: Peter McPhee
PRODUCTOR: Peter McPhee, Ignacio Ceruti
GUIÓN: Peter McPhee, Ignacio Ceruti, Gustavo Silva
EDICIÓN: Gustavo Silva
MÚSICA: Jorge Puig


Miércoles 26 en Cine Hoyts Parque Arauco, 19:45
Jueves 27 en Cine Hoyts La Reina, 18:15